Last updateTue, 22 Nov 2016 12pm

Pulo: Deep South must be on the table at upcoming summmit

A long standing separatist group on Friday urged the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak not to overlook the plight of the Malays in the southernmost provinces of Thailand during his three-day visit next week.


In a statement, Kasturi Mahkota, the foreign affair chief the Patani United Liberation Organisation (Pulo), said he hopes Najib will not swayed by the Bangkok government to the point of ignoring the plight of the ethnic Malays in Thailand's deep South.

"PULO hopes Malaysian PM Datok Seri Najib visit to the Patani region is not only giving the advantages and solely aligned to RTG untill forgot to defense the Patani Malays," Kasturi said.

Moreover, said Kasturi, it is hope that the summit will "generate a more conducive atmosphere for continuing dialogue between the Royal Thai government(RTG) and the Patani Malay Movement."

Kasturi said Pulo is encouraged by PM Abhisit's recent statements about the need for a "a lasting solution to the conflict" and praised the idea of more political participation at the local level to "ensure the protection of the region's religion, culture and basic values."

Such arrangement could lead to the "laying down of arms and lasting peace in Patani region", Kasturi said.

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