Last updateTue, 22 Nov 2016 12pm

Who Is Who In The Next Round Of Talks

After secret talks happened for decades and now when it's time to openly engage in peace process, over the issue of heads of legitimate representatives of both Thai and Malaysian governments, we the PULO have striven for years in order that Royal Thai govt form their legitimate representative to show their sincerity to the dialogue process through a mediator.

It appeared a year ago, the Thais courageously did form their legitimate delegation headed by their former National Security Council Sec Gen and Malaysia as facilitator headed by Datuk Zamzamin. Presently as Thailand rules by the junta and fortunately peace process is to move forwards and the Thais were quoted as saying to appoint Gen. Akhnit as their new delegation head initially but later withdraw the candidacy (see Isra News Agency, 7 September 2014), we have no objection whoever function as delegation heads, be they Gen. Akhnit, as his dialogue experience dating back since his ranking as 'colonel' or Datuk Zamzamin who is one of the most experienced men in security matters in Malaysia, or any other figures, provided both sides can effectively function their duties and accepted by all parties concerned.

For us, the most important issue here is the acceptable agenda on the negotiating table.



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