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ยุคนี้เป็นยุคแห่งความโปร่งใส ก็ขนาด ครม. (คณะรัฐมนตรี) และ สนช. (สภานิติบัญญัติแห่งชาติ) ที่ตั้งมาจาก คสช. (คณะรักษาความสงบแห่งชาติ) ที่มาจากการปฏิวัติ ยึดอำนาจ หรือรัฐประหารตามแต่จะเรียกกัน...ยังต้องยื่นแสดงบัญชีทรัพย์สิน,ความจริงข้อนี้มันก็ชัดที่สุดแล้วว่าบ้านเมืองของเราจะงุบงิบๆ ทำอะไรกันโดยประชาชนเจ้าของประเทศไม่ยินยอม...ไม่ได้อีกต่อไป!

Thai army dragnet douses peace hopes in rebel-hit south

Pattani (Thailand) (AFP) - A bomb suspect held for two weeks without charge in Thailand's insurgency-battered south says an army dragnet following the coup is calcifying hostility towards the kingdom -- and undercutting a fresh bid for peace.

The decade-long conflict has claimed more than 6,100 lives across Thailand's lush, forested Muslim-majority southern provinces, where shadowy rebels are fighting for a level of autonomy from the Thai state.

Far South peace talks 'must include all groups'

Abhisit says all obstacles to dialogue for ending insurgency must be removed

DEMOCRAT PARTY leader Abhisit Vejjajiva and a former Muslim MP have voiced their support for continued dialogue between security authorities and insurgents based in the far South after the military's seizure of power in May.

Prayuth to restart talks with rebels from south

BANGKOK — Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha is expected to conduct peace talks with rebel groups in the south of the country when he makes an official visit to meet Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak next month.

Thailand wants its southern neighbour to be a facilitator in the peace talks with insurgent groups. The meeting between General Prayuth and Mr Najib will mark a major step in the Thai government's attempts to hold peace talks with rebels.

Gen Prayuth plans to conduct talks with every insurgent group and wants them to be held in secret to prevent any group from setting conditions, the Bangkok Post yesterday reported General Akanit Muansawat, an adviser to the Thai National Security Council (NSC), as saying.


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